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Humalog Mix 50 KwikPen
Humalog Mix 50 KwikPen
Insulin Lispro
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What is Humalog Mix50 KwikPens?

Humalog Mix50 KwikPen is a disposable insulin pen containing a modified form of insulin called insulin lispro. This insulin acts faster than the body’s insulin to manage blood sugar levels effectively. 

It contains 50% insulin lispro mixed with water and protamine sulfate, which prolongs its action. 

Each pre-filled pen holds 3 ml of insulin lispro, equivalent to 300 units (100 units/ml). Users can adjust their dose using a dial, administering between 1 to 60 units per injection. 

For doses over 60 units, multiple injections are necessary. Humalog Mix50 KwikPen is designed for adults with diabetes mellitus to improve glycemic control.

How Does Humalog Mix50 KwikPens Work?

Humalog Mix50 KwikPen treats diabetes with a premixed suspension of insulin lispro. Half of the insulin lispro is dissolved in water, making it work faster than regular human insulin because its molecule is slightly modified. 

When injected, it starts working quickly to lower blood sugar levels. In healthy individuals, the insulin reaches its peak concentration about 45 to 60 minutes after injection. This rapid action helps manage blood sugar levels more effectively.

Dosage Information and Usage

Dosage Form and Strengths of Humalog Mix50 KwikPens

Humalog Mix50 KwikPen is a pre-filled, disposable insulin pen that contains insulin lispro. It delivers a mixture of 50% insulin lispro and 50% insulin lispro protamine suspension. Each pen holds 3 ml of insulin lispro, which equals 300 units (100 units/ml).


  • Your healthcare provider might suggest using Humalog Mix50 KwikPen along with longer-acting insulin. Before starting, read the information leaflet provided with the medication and follow the instructions given by your doctor or pharmacist, which are tailored to your needs. Regularly monitor your blood sugar levels using a glucose testing kit.
  • Usually, use Humalog Mix50 within 15 minutes of starting a meal. Timing your meals and exercise right is key to managing blood sugar levels well. Even with good control, you might not always spot low blood sugar signs, so stay alert.
  • Each Humalog Mix50 KwikPen is for one person only. Do not share to prevent infection risk. Before using, check the insulin: it should be uniformly white and cloudy with no particles or clumps. If it looks strange, don’t use it.
  • Inject Humalog Mix50 subcutaneously, which means under the skin, in areas like the abdomen, thigh, upper arm, or buttocks. Your healthcare provider will demonstrate the proper injection technique. Rotate injection sites to avoid skin problems such as lipodystrophy.
  • You may have to change your insulin dose if you’re on specific meds like contraceptives, steroids, thyroid hormone replacements, oral diabetes meds, aspirin, octreotide, sulfa antibiotics, beta-blockers, some antidepressants, and certain blood pressure meds like ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers.

Storage Information

Store unopened Humalog Mix50 KwikPens in the refrigerator between 2° and 8°C before using them for the first time. Make sure not to freeze them, and avoid exposing them to high temperatures or direct sunlight. 

 After you start using a pen, do not refrigerate it. Keep it in a cool place, below 30 °C, and protect it from heat and light. If you have frozen Humalog Mix 50, do not use it. Whether in use or not, you should discard pens not kept in the refrigerator after 28 days, even if there is still insulin present.

Side Effects of Humalog Mix50 KwikPens

Common Side Effects

  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Reactions at the injection site
  • Skin thickening or pits at the injection site (lipodystrophy)
  • Weight gain
  • Swelling in hands or feet
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Confusion
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Shakiness
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Anxiety, irritability, or mood changes
  • Hunger

Serious but Rare Side Effects

  • Rash all over the body
  • Difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • Sudden drop in blood pressure
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Severe allergic reaction (whole body reaction)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Swelling of face, tongue, or throat
  • Heart failure (especially when taken with certain diabetes medications called TZDs)
  • Extreme drowsiness
  • Numbness in fingers, tongue, or lips

Warnings and Precautions

  • Never share Humalog Mix50/50 KwikPens or syringes between patients: Sharing these devices, even if you change the needle, can lead to the transmission of blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis or HIV, which can occur through contaminated blood residue left on the pen or syringe.
  • Changes in insulin regimen can cause hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia: Switching insulin types, strengths, injection sites, or methods of administration can disrupt blood sugar control. Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can result, in requiring closer medical supervision and more frequent blood glucose monitoring to adjust to these changes.
  • Hypoglycemia is the most common side effect of all insulins: This condition occurs when blood sugar levels drop too low. Severe hypoglycemia can cause seizures, unconsciousness, or death. It can also impair concentration and reaction times, making activities like driving or operating machinery dangerous.
  • The risk of hypoglycemia is highest when the insulin’s glucose-lowering effect is strongest: The timing and intensity of insulin’s action can vary based on factors such as the injection site, blood supply to the area, and body temperature. Changes in meal patterns, physical activity, or medications can also increase the risk of low blood sugar.
  • Accidental insulin mix-ups can occur: To prevent medication errors, it’s essential to check the insulin label before every injection to ensure the correct insulin is being used. This helps avoid accidental administration of the wrong type or dose of insulin.
  • Severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, can happen with Humalog Mix50/50: Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic reaction that can cause a rash over the whole body, trouble breathing, a rapid heartbeat, and a sudden drop in blood pressure. If any signs of a severe allergic reaction occur, stop using the insulin immediately and seek medical help.
  • Humalog Mix50/50 can cause hypokalemia: Hypokalemia is a condition where blood potassium levels are too low. Insulin can shift potassium from the blood into the cells, leading to this imbalance. Symptoms of severe hypokalemia include muscle weakness, cramping, palpitations, and severe cases that can lead to respiratory paralysis and ventricular arrhythmia, which are irregular heartbeats that can be fatal.
  • Thiazolidinediones (TZDs) can cause fluid retention, which may worsen heart failure: TZDs, a type of diabetes medication, can lead to fluid retention potentially causing or worsening heart failure. If taking both TZDs and Humalog Mix50/50, watch for signs like breathlessness, swelling, and rapid weight gain – indicating worsening heart failure. Adjustments to treatment may be necessary.

Overdosage of Humalog Mix50 KwikPens

Taking an excess of Humalog Mix50 KwikPens can lead to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and reduced potassium levels (hypokalemia). 

Mild low blood sugar can often be managed by consuming sugar or sugary foods. If you have more severe symptoms like unconsciousness, seizures, or confusion, you may require immediate treatment with glucagon or intravenous glucose. 

Following initial treatment, you may need to increase your carbohydrate intake and be closely monitored, as low blood sugar can recur. Correcting low potassium levels is crucial to avoid severe complications.

Important Considerations Before Taking Humalog Mix50

Before starting Humalog Mix50/50, it’s crucial to discuss with your healthcare provider any medications you are currently taking, as they may affect your insulin dosage. 

These medications include: 

  • contraceptives, 
  • steroids, 
  • thyroid hormone replacements, 
  • oral hypoglycemics, 
  • acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), 
  • octreotide, 
  • sulpha antibiotics, 
  • beta2 stimulants or beta-blockers, 
  • certain antidepressants, 
  • some angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, 
  • angiotensin II receptor blockers,
  • danazol

Inform your healthcare provider about all your medical conditions, especially if you have liver or kidney problems, heart failure, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, discuss with your healthcare provider the best ways to manage your blood sugar during this time.

Before starting Humalog Mix50/50, talk to your healthcare provider about the risk of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and how to recognize and manage it effectively.

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Humalog Mix50 KwikPen is used to treat diabetes mellitus by helping to regulate blood sugar levels. It’s prescribed by doctors based on individual patient needs and is typically administered shortly before meals to control blood glucose levels effectively.

You should typically inject Humalog Mix50 within 15 minutes of starting a meal. If necessary, you can inject it shortly after eating. 

Humalog Mix50 belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group of drugs used in diabetes. Specifically, it falls under insulins and analogs for injection, which combine intermediate or long-acting properties with fast-acting insulin. In terms of pharmacology, Humalog Mix50, containing insulin lispro, primarily works to regulate glucose metabolism, helping to manage blood sugar levels effectively in people with diabetes.

The peak effect of Humalog Mix50/50 happens between 45 minutes and up to 13.5 hours post-injection, with a typical peak time of around 60 minutes. This shows when the insulin reaches its highest level in the blood after being given.

Yes, Humalog Mix50 KwikPen is considered fast-acting. It contains insulin lispro, which starts to work rapidly, typically within approximately 15 minutes after injection.

The common side effects of Humalog Mix50 may include:

  • Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Reactions at the injection site
  • Skin thickening or pits at the injection site (lipodystrophy)
  • Weight gain
  • Swelling in hands or feet
  • Itching
  • Rash

Serious but rare side effects may include severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and heart failure when used with certain medications. It’s important to discuss any concerns about side effects with your healthcare provider.

Humalog Mix50/50 typically lasts in the body for up to 22 hours. This duration can vary depending on individual factors such as metabolism and dosage.

Yes, the Humalog Mix50 KwikPen is disposable. Each KwikPen is designed for single-patient use and should be discarded after use according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

No, you cannot buy Humalog Mix50 over the counter. It is a prescription medication used to treat diabetes, and it requires a prescription from a healthcare provider.

Humalog and Novolog are both rapid-acting forms of insulin used to manage diabetes. While they are similar in many ways, including administration and side effects like hypoglycemia, there are differences between them. Novolog works slightly faster than Humalog, typically taken 5 to 10 minutes before eating compared to 15 minutes for Humalog. These differences may influence which insulin is prescribed based on individual patient needs and preferences.